The Award-winning culinary hidden gem. Open Sunday to Thursdays from noon to 3pm.

Marta's Workshop​

Welcome to Marta's Workshop, the 2015 Buzz Award winner for Best Hidden Gem restaurant.

Our little restaurant is the reference for affordable quality business lunch in Dubai. Created by Chef Marta Yanci, owner of Marta's Kitchen, we have been consistently ranked as a culinary reference of Dubai, cooking food without any complexes. 

We only open Sunday to Thursday, from 12pm to 2:30pm. We have no set menu and only cook the seasonal food that is available in the markets of Dubai.

The Workshop is a response to Dubai's foodies requests for more cultivated dining. This does not translate into white tablecloths and fancy decorations but rather a celebration of food with a unique experience in town.​

We also do not have waiters! You will be served by Chef Marta and our team of chefs: the same people that thought of each dish are the ones that serve you at the table. Try to find this anywhere else in Dubai!